Care and Maintenance of Velvet and Suede Boots

Here you will find tutorials on how to make/update/cut costume parts.

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Care and Maintenance of Velvet and Suede Boots

Post by Shikkakku »

Hello all,

Does anyone have any experience with:

1) Restoring the nap of velvet once its been crushed/wrinkled? I'm starting to get flattened surfaces where my bucket sits on my shoulders, and last troop I sat down in my robes and my fat arse wrinkled the velvet on my back panel something fierce.

2) Cleaning and protecting red suede boots? Only a few troops and my outer robe rubbing against the red suede has dirtied it up and made the red much less vibrant.

Didn't know where to post this, but since it applies to multiple TRs I figured that the Tutorial section would be best. Thank you for suggestions!

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Re: Care and Maintenance of Velvet and Suede Boots

Post by Sascha_Wilsing »

Steam is the method i clean and get off wrinkles.
There are cleaning brushes for the boots availiable at the shoe dealer of your choice.

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