A guards past. The sun guard

**Not a 501st approved costume** Discussion on the Sun Guard armor, a Sith cult and mercenary group from a very long time ago. Also worn by bounty hunter Moxin Tark.

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Re: A guards past

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This information from wookiepedia is helpful as to the weaponry of Sun guards.

Sun Guard armor was designed to aid in up-close combat; vibroblades in the gauntlets and spikes in the boots and kneepads were common, and the forearm gauntlets and fist plates could be quickly heated to temperatures capable of burning flesh. Many Sun Guards augmented their array of offensive capabilities with flamethrowers and dart launchers under their arms.

The common weapon of the Sun Guard was the pike, which they held in near-sacred reverence. Thought this weapon had many variants, most were about a meter in length, wielded two-handed, and equipped with blades on either end. These blades tended to be double-edged vibroblades, often with cortosis ore in them to resist lightsabers. Ritual pikes, which the Sun Guard inherited from the Echani, could be activated by a control in the grip to heat the tips to red-hot temperatures. Force pikes had stun modules in either end to shock the wielder's enemies into paralysis. In their battles against the Mandalorians, the Sun Guard developed ways to use pikes as anti-air weapons, disabling or overloading the jetpacks that their opponents relied on and they held in contempt. The Sun Guard used other weapons as well; at least one Guard armed himself with a vibro-ax.

Sun Guard were almost unmatched in combat skills; only Mandalorians could stand against them. Like the Echani, they could read body language to predict the moves of their opponents.
AUSSIE AOTC ROYAL GUARD: Raising the forcepike in Tasmania

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