Is Imperial Boots "Guardian Robes" 501st approved?

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Re: Is Imperial Boots "Guardian Robes" 501st approved?

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Erice3339 wrote:
iceknyght wrote: Not sure when you got your robes, but when I got mine (around September/October of last year), they were probably 4-6 inches too long! Definitely no problems getting mine hemmed... My size was a large (I am 6', 195 lbs) and the inner robe fit perfectly (other than needing to be hemmed) and the boots, sash, and gloves were great! The outer robe, as mentioned, was about 4-6" longer than I needed, but I definitely would rather have too long than too short! That's for sure!
Like I said later on in my post, my experience is probably an outlier and should not influence his decision much. IB is a good vendor but, in my case, mistakes were made. I’m simply sharing as much. I ended up getting a Medium after returning my Small, and it worked just fine for approval and trooping. The robes aren’t perfect, but they’re still high-quality.

I ordered and received mine in Nov.—Dec. 2018.
I mainly asked cause I think they update stuff from time to time... for instance, when I ordered mine, I got the new gloves that they redesigned.

My robes aren’t perfect. Mine were a bit on the big side and I need to fix the bunching at the bottom of where the bucket lays, but I agree, overall the quality is still really nice!

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