Master List of "Where to Find" Links

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Master List of "Where to Find" Links

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Links will be put here as they are shared with the rest of the board as a quick reference point for shoppers.

Robes and Under Robes (Triple Velvet, Plush Velvet, or Velveteen. Panne, Velour, anything crushed or very shiny will NOT be approved.): ... ct=VELVET1
This is the velvet you want in red and dark burgundy, you can also follow their link for velveteen. As of 09/11/08, I've ordered swatches and will post pics/scans when I receive them. ... Velvet/264
Triple velvet available in red and dark burgundy. also offers some materials that could be used by Guards, Twilek Pam reviews their offerings and this is what she found:

Here's my review of the velvets:

Cotton Velveteen Burgundy - A good color in a soft fabric.

Stretch Velvet Ruby Red - A pretty good color, and a nice looking fabric... but stretch velvet might not be a good idea when you're wearing a lot of heavy fabric. It might not hold its shape well. It also seems to have a bit too much shine, almost glittery.

Stretch Velvet Sepia (looked slightly burgundy in the picture, so I gave it a try. It's chocolate brown.)

Cotton Velveteen Red - Not good. It's too orange, and looks like upholstery fabric.

Red Suede Boots: ... 428M10BAzz
These go from 7-13 in Womens sizes, but have different width options.

These boots will replace the shorter versions as those are not available at this time.