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For modifying the Don Post helmet, adding the extras for a Crimson Empire helmet, as well as painting, padding, speakers, fans, etc.

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Re: Bucket Cooling

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Helmet cooling setups are a real issue with our helmets. Some of us have tried low profile fans with mixed results. I use 4 of those 12v blower fans spliced onto 2 9V batteries with a switch
on each side. When walt was developing his TFU kits I had suggested a low profile duct we could glue into the helmet that would direct air up around the visor and our nose. It wouldn't work
with my helmets (an old DP and a Luke) but for those of you that have a walt kit then it should work nicely.

For my setup (I need to grab some pics) I use one fan near the bottom to pull in (as well as they can) cooler air and push it towards the top of the helmet. Then I have another fan close to where
my temples sit that then redirects the air towards the visor. On one side it blows straight across and the other side blows just below my eyes to push air towards my nose then out towards the center/
bottom of my helmet. It works pretty good but definitely needs improvement.

We have guards in some very hot areas that don't use fans at all. I don't see how they don't have issues because my helmets turn into swampy microwaves during 80+ degree weather. I will admit that
the first mod I would suggest is to have a gap either along the top or bottom of your visor. The location of the gap depends upon how you lay out your fans. For my setup I have a gap
along the top and bottom of my visor. What I use is 3/32" neodymium magnets spaced along the top and bottom of the inside of the visor. I then lay the visor in there and use more magnets
to hold it in place. Hopefully that helps some.


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