Glaive reference images from the comics

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Glaive reference images from the comics

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While researching the glaive, I took photos of almost every page or panel that had a Glaive in it. I also took photos of the comic covers. While it was very glaive-centric, there are a number of images that may be of use for costume references as well. Note that these are not the best of images....many are somewhat blurry...but are designed to be a quick reference online.

I started off taking a picture of every panel, but by the time I got to CE #6, that issue had over 50 glaive panels alone, many of little reference use, so I only took important panels at that point.

This link should show thumbnails of the comics and of my glaive work in progress. If you click on details, it will show picture titles and comments I have made on them. I will start a separate thread for a glaive tutorial when I am done....but I am basically following the rough tutorial I posted some time ago. ... 146353824/
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Re: Glaive reference images from the comics

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Wow. I like the way your making the end caps. and this is great reference material thanks.

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