Theoretical Glaive Functions

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Theoretical Glaive Functions

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I was reviewing the Crimson Empire comics for reference images and was noticing the inconsistent construction of the glaive. At times both cutting edges face the same direction, at others they are oriented in opposite. Same for the fins on the emitter/pommel.

Was there ever an official explanation? In univers or otherwise?

Or, as I suspect, is the blade orientation not static while in use. Say there’s an accelerometer to rotate the blade edge to face the direction of movement, perhaps?

Thought I’d check in and share this odd theory. Could sure make for an involved and fancy prop build.

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Re: Theoretical Glaive Functions

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Alot of it just comes down to artist inconsistencies in drawing. Different artist will draw things differently. My fins on my glaive are in a \ / position vs a / \ position. Also same with the blades. Really just depends on the fighting style.
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