Essential Guide to Weapons illustrations

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Essential Guide to Weapons illustrations

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Here are images of the force pikes illustrated in the Essential Guide to Weapons books. It should be noted are all artist’s interpretations, and not based on actual movie props or blueprints. The New Essential guide image, however, is probably based off of a fan-made pike, as the pommel is identical to shower knobs that are commonly used in making fan pikes.

This pike is NOT movie accurate. However, it is one of the best examples of what a pike should look like, as far as proportion and basic requirements…and it would be acceptable for 501st approval. [NOTE: the emitter rings (rasp) should NOT be black.] If your pike looks very similar to this (tip, coils/rasp, shaft, 2 grips, pommel), you should be on the right track.

Force pike images

Old Essential Guide Pike illustration ... 7308_o.jpg

Old Essential Guide Pike blueprints (same as mini-blueprint in New Guide, only much larger) ... 07df_o.jpg

New Essential Guide illustration ... a333_o.jpg
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