Sith Sovereign Protector: EP IX

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Sith Sovereign Protector: EP IX

Post by Darth-burgess »

I don't see any info here on the Sith Eternal, Sovereign Protector from Episode 9, Rise of Skywalker.

Anyone working on this? I have Nico's bucket files, and assume others here are part of the facebook group:

No love for this new protector? Coin and patch runs are in talks... make sure to join the facebook build group if interested


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Re: Sith Sovereign Protector: EP IX

Post by Batsk »

Most of the costume has been modeled; however, there are no views of what's under the cape. Mainly the back of the characters. If we can get an official image that shows the hidden portions of the armor then we can move forward with them. I have a helmet as well and so want to build this kit but until we have official reference images we can't have an "official/approved" kit on the roster. It's so frustrating.

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