Finally Upgrading

The Red Senate Guard costume as seen in Attack of the Clones

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Finally Upgrading

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Hey all!

I've had my Guard for about 10 years now? I put it together shortly after the CRLs changed, so it was never approved. I've used it for the local club I'm in because while it doesn't pass 501st standards, it's still a damn good looking costume. However, I decided to finally upgrade it to meet the CRLs and officially join the detachment. I'm a member of the Officer Corps, but I've had this costume for so long, I figured it was time. A friend of mine locally is part of the detachment, but his costume was approved before the CRLs were updated, so he decided to upgrade his costume as well. So we decided to have ours match, because we will rarely do troops that we're not both on.

We decided on this for the outer robes ... en-scarlet

And this for the inner robes ... abric-.htm

We both have black boots from other costumes, and another friend took my old helmet that needed repairs, made it wider and taller and is recasting it. So hopefully after COVID is gone, I can get the fabric to our seamstress and get two new costumes up and running.
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Re: Finally Upgrading

Post by Batsk »

The fabric that you've chosen matches the crl requirements so you should be good. Since you've been trooping a while already I highly suggest that you think about the location where most of your activity has been in the past. Now for the why. Under different lighting situations the velvet will appear to be different shades so you need to think about where most of your troops will be and buy the paint for your helmet accordingly. It's easier to match your paint to the fabric than it is to match the fabric to your paint.

Hope that helps.

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