TI19827 needs a little help

The Imperial Royal Guard costume as seen in Return of the Jedi

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TI19827 needs a little help

Post by Phyro »

Hello dear community,

I need your help, you are my last hope ;)

The following problem:

I'm looking for a helmet for the Imperial Guard for my best friend. Because they would like to represent them. But we can't find an affordable option. We realize that it will be expensive, but we don't see 600 euros to pay, and most of the time it comes from Anovos or outside the EU.

That's why I'm looking for a manufacturer within the EU, want to avoid paying customs duties and very high shipping costs. Does anyone know a Prop manufacturer? Or wants to sell his helmet?

All where I have seen so far are either not correct ROTJ helmets, the shoulder area is often too narrow. I am now ready to build a helmet with my clumsy hands.
Unfortunately the guards in my squad could not help me. Since their manufacturers do not produce any more.

Would like to give her a great pleasure and bring her into our community.

Greeting Phyro

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