My ROTJ Build

The Imperial Royal Guard costume as seen in Return of the Jedi

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My ROTJ Build

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So, a few days ago I ordered the start of my first kit, the ROTJ Royal Guard. I'm posting this for accountability cos I'm notoriously bad at completing projects once I start them Big Grin

Gloves and boots have been ordered from ImperialBoots
I plan on ordering the helmet kit from Walt's Trooper Factory - I believe he includes the material for the visor too, but we'll see.
For the robes, they're either going to be ordered from ImperialBoots too, or I'll try convince my sister to help me sew them.
It looks like the helmet will be impossible to hear in, so I think I'll need to put an external mic somewhere near the base of the helmet, with some earbuds or something.

I'm unable to find a source for an accurate Force Pike or kit, though. I know it's know needed for approval, but I want one! Does anyone have any ideas?

This is all made a little more difficult on sourcing things as I live in New Zealand.

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