First SP Build and Some Questions

The Imperial Royal Guard costume as seen in Return of the Jedi

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First SP Build and Some Questions

Post by Workhorse »

Hi everyone! Wanted to do a small introduction post as I'm new to both the Protectors and to the 501st in general. My tag Workhorse here is the same for me across the 501st so if you stumble across anyone else on the forums it should be me, but my name is Josh if you prefer that. Currently I have my Tank Commander suit from Rogue One locked down and fully approved, and I am working on a post-Imperial Mando based loosely on the style from the show for the MMCC. While that suit is still being designed however, I figured I should keep working and pick out something a little outside my wheelhouse.

So as I specified I am new to the Protectors, and figured that what better way to get into this than the old gold standard, the Guards from Episode 6. Normally my specialty is in hard armor (I've been doing costume work for years, in everything from Star Wars to LOTR and Dark Souls) and I've had access to a good selection of 3D printers recently. What I am not experienced in though is fabric work, and I figured a design like this is a good place to remedy that. I'll be browsing throughout the pages but I figured if anyone has a good "short-list" or recommendations for fabric sellers or suppliers, I would appreciate that as I had some different Ideas for this suit. Here's the current plan:

1) Helmet:
Linked below is the 3D model of helmet I'm using for this suit. As I said I have access to a multitude of 3D printers both belonging to me and available at my place of work, and this is my most cost-effective and efficient option. Multiple people within my Squad have stated that they believe the helmet is fine without any modifications, but if there are suggestions anyone has to improve this (or if there are high quality prints you recommend above this one or any others) I'd be happy to take a look at them. Planning for a smoke gray visor as opposed to red but can be swapped out if necessary. Currently printing in PLA+ and likely doing a light layer of fiberglass resin along the inside and outside for durability and easier cleanup (sanding PLA royally sucks). ... ble-helmet

2) Robes
Though I am not opposed to online orders, I do personally prefer to pick up directly from a storefront. My current plan is to use Jo-Ann's and Hobby Lobby as they have most of the fabrics I need there for reasonable prices. The only thing I'm having trouble locking down is the correct color of the outside robes, but again if anyone has any recommendations for online shops I'd love to hear them.

3) Boots and Gloves
So I am rather tall and with big feet ( 6'2", size 14US) so typical sellers don't often have things in my size. My hope here was to use Giovanni Rodriguez' (aka Crow Props) boot/glove set. He has both a leather set and a suede set but being this is an episode 6 Guard I'll v course only order the suede set. I have worked with Gio in the past, but I wanted to know if anyone else had ordered from him. His work is good, but if anyone has other sellers they like don't be afraid to mention them. ... -balaclava

4) Force Pike
I have a couple models for this weapon, most of which are tied to the prequel designs but this one seems to be the best one for me. Let me know if there are any changes I'd need to do with the model before printing.

5) Future Plans and Add-Ons

This suit is still being worked on, and it amazes me the level of variance and depth an (apparently) simple costume can elicit in builders. I wanted to make this design to fit CRL standards for the Episode 6 style, but as a guy who also prefers a more armored design I wanted to try out a "mixed layout." Once I had this one made and cleared I was considering doing the design from the Force Unleashed and wearing the cloak over it, similar to the Crimson Empire design. This was more so from a personal idea, and without boring you all was inspired by a thought process I had based on the Mandalorian show (PM if you'd like further description). As with the mainline design, if there are any recommendations for the FU design and accommodations that need to be made to the outer cloak or helmet to fit that, please let me know.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I hope to join up with the Empire's Best soon!

Workhorse :tr:

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Re: First SP Build and Some Questions

Post by Allan1313 »

So I have those 3d files you linked to. They are well done. I am making the "short shoulder" version of his files. I just put on my first primer layer and it's looking good so far.



A big problem is always finding a seamstress that can do it unless you know how to do it yourself.

The boots and gloves look good.

The force pike looks good as well.

For the TFU guard you would need the armor, kama, belt, different boots, gloves, and a mechanic type cover all. Also they use a saberpike instead of a force pike. But there is an option to wear the robes over that base costume.

Good Luck!
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