Visor Colour

The Imperial Royal Guard costume as seen in Return of the Jedi

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Visor Colour

Post by werak »

The CRL says that the visor can be Red or Smoke coloured. I've seen some pics of helmets with dark (black) visors, is this acceptable? I'd rather have a dark(black) visor as a red one would bother me eyes more.

Thanks for any info.

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Re: Visor Colour

Post by kept_in_danger »

This may have been an optical illusion.

My visor looks black in pictures but it's actually red, with an extra layer of black window tinting foil on the inside.

Having my whole world be red helps me get in character, though.
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Re: Visor Colour

Post by Ootini »

Started with the dark smoke visor but upgraded to the red tint. It isn't as bad as it seems save you definitely cannot see blue lights! Our Garrison con photo they had a blue light to look at to signal for the picture.

"Look at the blue light everyone"

Ummm what blue light? :trsuit:

Love the red but really long as you can't see through the visor either or works.

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