ROTJ Royal Guard - 0% Complete

The Imperial Royal Guard costume as seen in Return of the Jedi

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ROTJ Royal Guard - 0% Complete

Post by Dimination »

I am working on an Imperial Staff Officer (Black) to get my foot in the door with the 501st, but I would love to do an ROTJ Royal Guard as my next costume. I won’t be starting for a little while, but I wanted to post this here to start getting ideas on where to get all the pieces. I’m not much for crafting or sewing, so I’ll probably be buying most of it. Where should I start?

Helmet: Searching
Outer Robes: Searching
Inner Robes: Searching
Sash: Searching
Gloves: Searching
Boots: Searching
Force Pike: Searching

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Re: ROTJ Royal Guard - 0% Complete

Post by Arminius »

The Imperial Boots ROTJ kit is very helpful if you want to get started quickly.For the bucket I'd go with Lukannon Armory
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Re: ROTJ Royal Guard - 0% Complete

Post by Hunter18a »

Welcome I would have to agree. Imperial boots are the best to start with soft parts (note: they are only open dor 1week per month. Takes about 6weeks after closing to receive order. Measurements for hat, gloves, boots important). Same as above doe bucket. Closed for moment moving to new location. (I'm waiting to order from them) IB comes with bucket padding if you order all parts at same time

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Re: ROTJ Royal Guard - 0% Complete

Post by Crimson8 »

I got the material from Spotlight stores online
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